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Reducing bias in the recruitment process in order to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Most companies appreciate that diversity can drive innovation and success. Yet the question remains, how do we ensure we are able to attract and recruit the very best talent across the widest range of diversity traits? Do we inadvertently put off some diverse candidates before they even apply? Are we as impartial as we would like to think we are? How can we boost fairness and equality in our recruitment processes?

Using the most recent research as well as on-the-ground experience gathered from clients in industries spanning from construction to finance to pharmaceuticals, this course will help those involved in recruitment at any level of an organisation to understand the challenges posed by unconscious bias and equip them with practical tools to mitigate the effects of bias and foster truly inclusive recruitment practices.


Hayley Barnard is Managing Director and Diversity Strategist at MIX Diversity Developers. Advising Company Boards, she helps organisations to become more innovative and profitable through developing both a more diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. She has designed Inclusive Leadership programs for some of the biggest brands in the world. Practical, pragmatic and personable – Hayley is a dynamic trainer who provides clear actions and next-steps for delegates.


Module 1: Welcome [24.05]

Introduction to Inclusive Recruitment and the impact of unconscious bias

Module 2: Managing your own bias as a recruiter [12.42]

Tools to be a more inclusive recruiter

Module 3: Inclusive Recruitment Processes [09.02]

Moving from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion

Module 4: Job Design [09.01]

Inclusive recruitment starts here

Module 5: Inclusive Job Adverts and Job Descriptions [4.48]

Don’t inadvertently put diverse candidates off: language and length matter

Module 6: The External Perspective [12.43]

Ensuring that your company & job are attractive to diverse candidates

Module 7: Widen Your Search to Include Diverse Groups [12.16]

Fish in different ponds for different fish

Module 8: Assessing CVs/Resumes and Shortlisting [17.20]

Processes that you can implement to increase fairness and equality

Module 9: Inclusive Interviews [15.31]

Best practice from across industry

Module 10: Debrief and Candidate Selection [07.48]

Don’t fall at the final hurdle

Module 11: Conclusion [02.25]

Applying this to your workplace – even if you’re not the boss! 


• How to advance equal opportunity for all

• Comprehensive understanding of the types Unconscious Bias that affect recruitment

• Be able to design inclusion into your recruitment process

• Increased confidence in managing your own bias in interview and decision making

• Know how to build systems that mitigate the effects of bias

• Diversify your organisation’s talent pool

• Reap the benefits of access to talent who hold different perspectives 


• Those who work in HR and Talent Acquisition

• Hiring Managers

• Interview Panel Members

• Search Firm Researchers, Executives and Consultants 


This ten module video course provides an in-depth look at how each step of the recruitment process can be adapted to increase fairness and equality. Each module ends with Inclusion Action Prompts to show delegates the specific next steps they can take.


Can my whole team do this training?

Yes! Please contact Stef Clifton-Sprigg, our Digital Director, if you would like to purchase this course in bulk for your team. We can also white label the course, customising it to your branding if you would like to upload it to your own learning platform. In addition, we can also add content to include your policies and procedures for a truly customised solution.

+44 (0)7925 432 397

Can I put this course on my company's Learning Management System?

Yes, we can provide SCORM compliant files for your LMS. Please contact Stef to discuss this.

Can Hayley come and speak to my team in person?

Yes! Hayley spends much of her time delivering board level briefings, keynote speeches and training for a variety of clients. Please contact Stef if you would like to discuss Hayley coming to your meeting.

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How can I get a VAT receipt?

Our platform provider (Gumroad) gives you the option to download a receipt as part of the checkout process.

Do I have to pay in USD?

Unfortunately the only payment we can accept on this platform is in dollars. If this is a problem for your company then please get in touch with Stef and she will make alternative arrangements for you.

Can I get a refund?

If you are not happy with the course then please email and we can arrange a full refund providing it is within 30 days of purchase.


Stef Clifton-Sprigg, Digital Director, MIX Diversity Developers

+44 (0) 7925 432 397 

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